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  • Loose Leaf Aged Tea "Tibetan Brick - 2002 pick"
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Cultivar: Yunnan Da Ye "large leaves"

Altitude: 1975m

Harvest: Spring

Grade: Supreme, Grand Cru

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  • China, Yunnan province, Xiguan, Dali

    This beautiful vintage raw Pu Er brick was made in Yunnan for the lovely people of Tibet. Their traditional tea method is to boil Yunnan tea with yak butter and salt to accompany their fatty/meaty diet. Of course this tea can be easily brewed in yixing teapot/gong fu style. It's all up to you to enjoy it the way you like it. This tea has been pressed into brick with trademark "nei fei" which indicates place where the tea was processed. Pu Er (or Pu Erh) teas has been pressed into different shapes for centuries due to the fact it was easier to transport them to Tibet or Mongolia on horseback.

  • 4 g.

  • 250 ml

  • 85 C

  • 1-2 min.

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  • Ambience

    DRY LEAF: Beautifully compressed dark brown & green leaves with golden buds and trademark label to nice smooth brick.
    LIQUOR: This is a vintage/aged raw Pu Er the profile flavour will change with each year. The tea will become smoother and mellower while aroma will increase in strength, just like good red wine. This tea has a little smokiness. Notes of bamboo, parchment, straw and white pepper are presented in cup. The mouthfeel is smooth and textured. Aftertaste is minty, peppery and camphor like. Astringent tea with little acidity. Multiple brews, great chi!

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