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  • Loose Leaf Scented Tea "Yunnan & Rose Petals Dragon Ball (3 Balls)"
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Cultivar: Yunnan Da Ye

Altitude: 2200m

Harvest: Spring/Summer

Grade: Outstanding, Supreme

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  • China, Yunnan, Lincang, Mengku county

    This Yunnan Black Tea is from Mengku County in Lincang, which is a high altitude area that's home to many tea gardens. This lovely black tea was processed with care from first flush of Spring assamica tea leaves picked from 30 to 40 year old plantation bushes growing naturally at an altitude of 1800 meters. It was then combined & hand pressed in cotton wrap with Rose flowers from Kunlun Mountains in Xinjiang province. One ball can be infused up to 4 times before it completely separate. Each dragon ball is roughly 8 grams of tea, which will brew just perfect in 500ml pot.

  • 1 ball

  • 250 ml

  • 96 C

  • 2 min.

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  • Ambience

    DRY LEAF: Beautifully rolled small dark brown balls with golden tips and imprinted rose flowers. Floral aroma is mingling with an aroma of fresh orange zest & sultanas.
    INFUSED LEAF: After first infusion the tea is still in a perfect ball shape. It takes up to 5 infusions to get these tea leaves to freely float! Amazing :) The aroma is floral, sweet clementine with a sweetness of honey.
    LIQUOR: Cup vivid crimson like with an aroma of orange peel. Deliciously smooth and honey sweet mouth-feel with an aroma of roses, sweet orange & cinnamon after-taste. The cup has a little astringency, no acidity and is heavenly perfumed and creamy.

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