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A word on "Tea Mastery"

As we give more of our time to a certain subject in our life, we naturally grow in it, becoming not a novice but rather an expert through our life time. We are all experts of tea as long, as we devote enough time, understanding and long term interest in it. You may attend schools of tea, stay on tea plantations, or simply explore tea by brewing different teas at home every day, and all these are very useful as even if your cup is full you will always learn something new along the way. So listen, taste, feel and always keep your cup half filled, because you never know what will be pour into it.


To become a Tea Master is something very different. No one becomes a Tea Master by observing or studying tea. A Tea Master is someone who understands tea on every level, who doesn't brag that he is indeed a tea master, and who wanders the Earth searching for something new about Tea, but can't actually find anything new. We may reach this level in this life or any other, but as long as you are happy with who you are now, you do not need to worry where the tea road leads you. Maybe you will become a tea master, or maybe a humble Tea lover, but you will be pure in your heart and without titles.