Cold Brew

Cold Brew

We are absolutely thrilled about this heatwave we are currently having in Scotland. The sun has been too good to us for these past few weeks and yes, we are grateful & we deserve it!

Our pale skins... the shade which could only be described as unbaked tortillas have slowly moved up on the scale through a vibrant tones of caramel & gingerbread just to reach the outstanding TOP dark chocolate colour - the colour of summer.

And so to speak of summer... Let's make some cold brews :)

Our favourite cold brew is called "SALIDA DEL SOL" N.807 and is made of 50% powerfully boosting Yerba Mate from Brazil and 50% superbly refreshing Lemongrass herb from Thailand. If you buy our 50g bag of Salida Del Sol you'll be able to enjoy about 10L of cold brew this summer, so let's hope and wish for that we get as many or more fabulously hot sunny days. If not, you can always enjoy Salida as nice hot tea too.

To make a cauldron of cold brew, you need:

1) 4tsp or 5g of Salida Del sol - N.807 in our store.

2) Water... nice pure pristine water... just like the lakes of Scotland.

3) Two equally big teapots or jugs which can withstand hot temperature (or glass jars from pickles :P)

4) Fine strainer

5) Glass bottle (or recycled plastic bottle)

Now let's brew....

Add around 4 Tsp of Salida Del sol to 1L glass teapot and pour over 95 C hot water. Let it dance in the teapot for around 5 min and then strain through the fine mesh to a glass jug. Cool it down for about 15 or more minutes and when cooled enough pour into the glass or plastic recycled bottle and refrigerate overnight.

Voila... the next day or after 3 hours or so you can pour an amazing cold glass of refreshing, energising and super healthy cold drink to yourself, your loved ones and to your friends and neighbours (if you like them :P)! If you feel like you need to spice it up... you may also add a slice of Lemon & ice cubes or mint on top of each glass.

Tea is really an incredible and magical beverage. You can easily make cold brew from any kind of tea, considering it's of good quality.

So go ahead and brew like an elephant in heat and let us know which tea you think is the most tasty and refreshing :)

Keep hydrated and stay cool.

Drink Tea... Be Free...