Pre-Rain Iron Goddess of Mercy Premium AA - She Fang Boutique Tea

Pre-Rain Iron Goddess of Mercy Premium AA

Classification: Pre-Rain Iron Goddess of Mercy Premium AA – wulong tea

Oxidation level: 25-40%

Roast level: 0%

Cultivar: Tie Quan Yin

Origin: China, Fujian province, Anxi region, Gan De village

Grade: Ming Qian (Pre-rain), Exquisite grade, hand crafted

Leaf: Perfectly twisted brilliant green pearls with an aroma of thyme, eucalyptus and grapefruit.

Infused leaf: Huge, greatly unfolded leaves with a delicate composition of shades of green with a nose of geranium and coriander.

Liquor: The liquor is bright golden with intoxicating flowery bouquet– magnolia orchid, lily and wisteria, followed by notes of broccoli, peach and geranium. The cup is mouthful, buttery, smooth with a hint of vanilla. Very well balanced tea with no astringency and long lasting vegetal and floral after-taste. Suitable for many brews.

 About: Tie Guan Yin was invented during Qing Dynasty. It is one of the most famous Chinese tea, given as the top-listed tea gift in many occasion. Harvesting comes late after April when the tea becomes very big and stiff and the colour of stem turns from green to reddish brown. These grown-up leaves are very rich in polyphenols/minerals. Without the application of pesticide and fertiliser, it's hard to manage the output to meet the demand of the local and outside market. Tie Quan Yin is oxidised at about 25-40% rolled into perfect balls.