Pre-rain Wu Yi Shan JIN JUN MEI AA Premium grade - She Fang Boutique Tea

Pre-rain Wu Yi Shan JIN JUN MEI AA Premium grade

Classification: Jin Jun Mei AA Premium grade – Lightly smoked black tea
Cultivar: Xiao Cai
Origin: China, Fujian province, Wuyi shan mountains, Tong Mu village – rock tea
Grade: Superior, exclusive, AA
Leaf: Tiny twisted golden super hairy and light buds, absolutely stunning to look at. Aroma of dark chocolate, gently smoked wood, liquorice and dates.
Infused leaf: Tiny, unified and beautiful needles, the colour of leather. Aroma of caramel, wood and gentle light smoke.
Liquor: Crystal clear, deep forest honey-like cup. Aroma of spice with a hint of smoke and woody notes. Mouth-feel soft, velvety and syrupy with fresh green camphor wood, dates, chocolate and caramel taste. After-taste is sweet, full, velvety. No acidity, a tiny astringency.

About: Jin Jun Mei translates as “Golden Horse Eyebrow” was invented on 21 June 2005 and quickly became a top selling tea in China with prices reaching $6000-$16000 per 1kg. It comes from China, Fujian province, Tong Mu village which is scattered around the Wu Yi Rocky Mountainous area (800-1500m a.s.l) where also famous rock wulongs are made. Tongmu was declared a World Heritage area by UNESCO in 1979 and a strict ban on pesticides was declared. This made the tea producing area turn towards creating higher quality grade teas rather than cultivate lower quality.
Exclusively made from tiny spring buds. It is exquisitely hand pick and pre-rain tea. Grown in a wild bamboo forest, 1100-1500m altitude, where more than 100 year old bushes grow between shrubs and biodiverse environment. 500G of this tea contains about 48 000 single tea buds!!!