Tasting notes - Ceylon Nuwara Eliya Battalgalla - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tasting notes - Ceylon Nuwara Eliya Battalgalla

Classification: Ceylon Nuwara Eliya Battalgalla - Black tea

Origin: Sri Lanka, Central Province, Nuwara Eliya district

Grade: OP – orange pekoe

Leaf: Dark brown nearly straight and almost even leaf. Crunchy on touch. Aroma of dried fruit, peach and lemon with a tiny hint of eucalyptus.

Infused leaf: Deep reddish thin needle like leaf. Aroma of sweet fruit, warm earth and mint is rising from the open tasting cup slowly.

Liquor: Brisk, deep copper colour cup with golden hue rim. A dominant aroma of plums, grapes and raisins, followed by delicate sweet molasses and malty citrus flavour with tiny hint of eucalyptus mintiness and an intense astringency.



Nuwara Eliya – high grown tea – plateau is 1868m above sea level and is one of the most important tea location of Sri Lanka. Tea growing in here has the highest average elevation, picturesque surroundings and is shaded by the highest mountain in Sri Lanka – Pidurutalagala :P. The combination of all the above and slow growth of the tea in the cool misty peaks creates the perfect conditions for an amazing aromatic bouquet.