Tasting notes - Yue Guang Bai Cha "Moon Light" - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tasting notes - Yue Guang Bai Cha "Moon Light"

Classification: Yue Guang Bai cha “Moon Light”, White tea

Origin: China, Yunnan province, Puerh – Simao Prefecture, Jinggu county

Grade: Ming Qian Superior

Leaf: Large, fluffy and hairy silver pekoe tips mixed with couple of deep reddish leaves. Beautifully dried. Aroma of Eucalyptus & clove is overpowering.

Infused leaf: Huge silvery green tips and coppery leaves releasing the aroma of clove, rose and minty eucalyptus.

Liquor: Full-bodied, pristine liquor with colour of ripe mandarin. Amazingly smooth, sweet, velvety mouth-feel. Rich creamy tea with absolutely no astringency, pleasant and uplifting with a delicate taste of wild roses and clove spice.



One of the most refreshing teas. Easy to prepare, easy to drink with multiple infusions for the whole day. This tea is made in Yunnan province from the wild and old growth tea trees:) therefore it is very powerful. Enjoy!