Tasting Notes - Jasmine Yin Hao - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tasting Notes - Jasmine Yin Hao

Classification: Jasmine Yin Hao – Scented green tea
Origin: China, Sichuan province
Grade: Superior, exclusive
Leaf: Green-brown small and open-twisted leaves with silver tips. Aroma of sweet jasmine.
Infused leaf: Light green to yellow leaves, releasing strong aroma of jasmine and wild meadow opening up in fresh sunny morning.
Liquor: Clear golden coloured liquor tinged with amber coloured edges. Mellow, smooth and sweet on taste with freshly cut grass and strong floral aroma. The cup is pristine, vivid, fresh and crisp with bright astringency, leaving behind only a scent of delicate jasmine blossoms as an after-taste.

About: Top grade green tea (Sichuan Ming Qian Yin Hao) mixed with freshly picked jasmine blossoms – layered like a cake for several weeks and turned regularly to avoid heat building up. Each day at dawn the jasmine blossoms open and scent the tea. Traditional crafting of jasmine tea is by using fresh flowers not artificial perfumes or essential oils and the flowers are being removed.