Tasting Notes – Minq Qian Shi Feng Long Jing “Dragon Well” - She Fang Boutique Tea

Tasting Notes – Minq Qian Shi Feng Long Jing “Dragon Well”

Classification: Shi Feng Long Jing “Dragon Well” - Green tea

Cultivar: Long Jing 43

Origin: China, Zhejiang province, Hangzou, Long Jing village near West Lake, Shi Feng “Lion's peak” Mountain.

Grade: Grand Cru, Elite

Leaf: Tender, long flat “sword” shaped bud and leaves of bright green and yellow colour. Aroma of roasted chestnuts & almonds with a gentle notes of freshly mowed grass and herbs.

Infused leaf: Unified light green leaves delivering fine aroma of garden peas, roasted nuts and bright dandelion freshness.

Liquor: The brilliant golden yellow cup is mellow and sweet with a mouthfeel of roasted chestnuts and creamy cashews. Obsessive savoury notes of spring greens, courgettes and sweet peas are followed by herbaceous attack. The finish has slight dandelion astringency. The smooth and silk texture along with the depth of flavour and strength makes this tea one of the best and most beloved teas.



About: Hand crafted legendary tea which production dated back to 1,500 years ago. The tea gardens are nestled in the rolling hills that surround West Lake. Water flows from the misty hilltop and the villagers tend smallholdings of tea bushes, all of the “old variety” cultivar, which has been granted the title of the Imperial Tea Trees, during the Qing Dynasty by Emperor Qian-Long, traditionally used for Dragon Well tea. This is the most prestigious tea in China.