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Tea Harvesting Calendar

Tea out of stock:
Lately, I have been asked about why are we low in stock or out of stock of some teas?
I know, that you guys are used to buying apples, potatoes or other fruits and veg all year round in these “beautiful” Mega-gigantic supermarkets. Surely, you are not convinced that fruit and veg is growing all year round? The same can be said about tea. These Mega-gigantic supermarkets for such reasons of profits or to not to lose their customers are failing to tell us the truth, that we are actually buying one year old carrots (or perhaps even older), broken, chopped and frozen for such a long time that the life within has probably been lost forever.
Food, the same as tea, is a power machine designed to power us up to the sky. You can only imagine what is happening to us, surviving on old food and drinks:( no wonder we sometimes can't lift ourselves from bed, no wonder we walk like zombies to work and no wonder we sleep the minute we lie down!
We at She Fang Tea believe in seasonal and powerful food & teas. For that reason, we have created this TEA HARVESTING CALENDAR. It will show you an approximate harvesting time of teas from around the globe. The weather plays an enormous part in harvest each year and so we have generalised our calendar for each month rather than specific dates.
It is very important to us, that you know that if you are buying for example our Golden Needle Yunnan black tea in December, this tea will be around a year old by the time of your purchase.

Tea ageing:
Some teas are ageing much better than carrots or potatoes if properly stored and for some teas such as black, white, rock wulongs or shu Pu-er teas (generally the darker teas or teas made from matured leaves) the longevity can improve with each year and the tea will mature to beautifully rounded drink, just like a good red wine. They stay absolutely amazing for around 2 years and could be stored up to 4 years while still tasting lovely (sheng Pu-er teas are another level! They can be stored easily over 80 years – so exciting!). Green, yellow or rolled wulong teas on the other hand should be used within a year or two as they don't age well and that's why there should always be sales on green teas after the season.

Tea Shipping:
Please note and allow the travel time between harvest and ready to sell tea in store as it needs to undergo the manufacturing, packing and shipping process to come from Single origin to us (this takes approx 3-6 months after the harvesting season).
So have a look at you favourite teas and order as fresh as possible (or as old and mature as possible:) according to the type of tea.

How do we order our teas:
We are on the mission to always keep our stock fresh, so we order only a small quantity of each tea. Some of the teas are sold quickly and then the question of when the tea will be back is raised.
Before we place an order for new fresh teas, we usually order samples from the tea origins, evaluate them and then order small quantity to build up strong relationships with farmers & co-ops.

We hope, you will like our TEA HARVESTING CALENDAR and find it useful.


Drink Tea... Be Free... with She Fang Tea :)