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Tea Sourcing - Gyokuro "Jade Dew"

Classification: Gyokuro Kagoshima, organically grown.
Cultivar: Yabukita
Origin: Japan, Fukuoka prefecture, Kagoshima, Kirishima
Grade: Grand Cru, Exquisite
Dried Leaf: The beautiful dark green leaves are extremely shiny, needle like and differ in shape and length. They give a delicate scent of lilies, mangoes, chestnuts and herbs with under-notes of eucalyptus and pepper.
Infused Leaf: Infusion turns the leaves into vivid green and dense paste with strong & sweet green vegetal aroma.
Liquor: The cloudy, pistachio green cup releasing an aroma of steamed green vegetables, thyme & butter. The liquid is extremely rich and creamy, fresh and delicate with generous notes of mixed fresh herbs like rosemary & parsley, spring vegetables like spinach & courgette and fresh walnuts. This is a remarkably balanced tea with sweet, creamy and pleasant after-taste.

About: Gyokuro, which translates as "Jade Dew"  is the most precious tea of Japan. It is produce entirely by hand with extra care taken in each production step. The tea bushes are shaded for 3 weeks before harvesting with 80-90% of sun blocked so the tea's photosynthesis is decreased and more chlorophyll and amino acids (theanine) are being released into the leaves. The canopies are made of natural straw material.