Tea Tasting diary – batch n.232

3) Our third choice was Jasmine “Monkey King” China green tea. I guess we wanted to wash our mouths with something more flower-some and pleasant. The grade said “of good quality” only. Well, for us the grade was … bad. Why? The tea leaves were more brown than green. We couldn't even distinguish if it's a green tea! They were also quite chunky and broken.. We are used to our lovely Yin Hao jasmine tea, which has bright green small leaves, so this was crazy shock – as this tea was looking like lighter HOJICHA! Some jasmine petals were thrown into the tea or left behind – without a care. The tea also felt overly dried on touch and has very weak aroma.

Tasting notes:

Dry Leaves: Weak aroma of jasmine petals – sweet and blossomy. Dark, broken small brown-green leaves with a bit of jasmine petals and stalks.

Infused Leaves: Dark shade of green – moss like, broken leaves but unify in colour. Aroma of weak jasmine.

Liquor: Clear, bright, yellow cup with a tiny aroma of jasmine. Light in body but quite astringent.

Absolutely not better than our YIN HAO!


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