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Tea Tasting Diary - Batch n.234 (Ceylon Badulla)

3) Our third choice was Ceylon Badulla (UVA) OP1 Mount UVA black tea from Sri Lanka. The region of UVA lies to the east of Nuwara Eliya and Dimbula in elevation of 1200 meters and has the unique weather conditions; exposed to winds from both the NE and SW and relatively dry through the monsoons; all these contribute to the distinctive flavors and aromas that makes tea from Uva famous among tea lovers around the world. We have evaluated this tea as very good grade, although not excellent. Have a look at our notes:

Dry Leaves: Fairly long, curly blackish tea leaves with occasional brown parts. Very strong fruity aroma and minty undertones.

Infused Leaves: Unified light copper colour leaves with some stalks. Aroma of honey, lemon and blossoming meadow.

Liquor: Deep, bright and clear amber-orange cup, releasing a scent of honey - lemon and exotic wood. Liquor is light, bright and delicate with very uplifting and sweet bouquet flavours and no astringency at all.



Ceylon Badulla is a wonderful tea to enjoy in warm days :)