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Welcome ….

Tea wanderer, lover or enthusiast to our brand new Tea Boutique. This online shop is about:

- A Tea

- For Tea

- Of Tea

- To Tea

- With Tea

- About Tea

- Tea! Tea! Tea!

- And nothing else but Tea....

May you enjoy all our teas, one by one.... From the top to the bottom, zigzagged, criss crossed, from back to top or any other sorting method you prefer... But make sure you try them all as they are ALL very... Very tasty.....


To understand a cup of tea is to be still and silent.


Listen, and let the tea flow through your veins. Wait patiently, until the power and wisdom entangles you.


After a period of tea drinking (or even just after the first amazing cup), tea will slowly broaden your mind and unlock something hidden. This is something far more precious than worries about the numbers of antioxidants, slimming properties, or confusion about tea manufacturing process and the famous tea history, as you do not need to!


You don't need to know the myths, the history the tea, or its flavour, in order to enjoy your cup of tea.


When you stop, relax, sit, and embrace your time with the tea, you will realise that the time is yours. You could flip it backwards, you could flip it forwards, but there is nothing better than the present, and to live in the moment.


The only thing you need to know is how to brew your tea, and to take time and care when you do so. It's a ritual isn't it, rather a nice pleasurable ritual. It can't be done by pressing a button on a machine. It is more complicated than that. It is about brain satisfaction. Take your time and brew your tea with patience and care, and you create something wonderful which you, your family, or friends will appreciate more than a simple press of button on your machine. I suppose it is like running, climbing a hill, or a mountain. If you get a lift up with train, the view is never going to be as spectacular as if you were to climb, or run it step by step :) It is the effort, the time and the love you are putting into each tea you brew which will spin and shake whole your existence.


I can't stress enough how important is to find a good quality supplier! When you find him, or her, don't let them go. Try everything they have in the store. You can maybe make a note on top of each package you receive; something easy like a smiley or grumpy face is enough; for you to recall it in the future. You could ask for advice while purchasing, but you should be adventurous, experiment and taste the differences by yourself, as opinions will vary like our own preferences in taste.


There is so much to explore in the World of tea. It's like being a butterfly, sucking the nectar from various blossoms, terroirs, and travelling vast distances for the best cuppa. You can smell the earth, and rain, in all Darjeeling’s of India, feel the various blossoms and roasted nuts of exotic China, taste the marine and umami flavours from all the teas of Japan, and discover the high altitudes, low altitude, fruits, elephants and rains, and hopefully after many years of tea drinking, we could even fly! :)


Be open minded, be curious, be adventurous, don't fear failure, and enjoy every minute with a cup of tea in your palms or shared with friends or family. It's worth it.