About us & Our Believes

We Believe:

Drink Tea.... Be Free...

We are an online speciality tea boutique located under the Ben Vrackie mountain in Pitlochry, Scottish Highlands.

We source teas from all over the World and selecting the finest and unique teas for all of you who appreciate excellency.

Passionate about tea, slow movement, mountains and forests, we believe in zero waste & organic.

We think green, we think speciality teas, we think single estates, we think exceptional quality, we think small batches, purity, zen and mindfulness for all of us.

Say no to tea blends, say no to tea bags.

Slow Revolution!

We are:

Tea nuts, tea hunters, finders of excellence.....
We touched our first tea cups when we were very young, in a dark, deep, gothic place called Prague. From about 15 years of age, we became addicted to it. Crawling, and sneaking into these new tea houses which were opening like mushrooms after the rain.
Tea expertise came from tea masters, who were travelling to the mystical lands of China, Japan, Taiwan and India. They spent some time there observing the true ancient masters, or simply the way of life. They then brought all their new knowledge together into one hippie, avant-garde, place called a TEA HOUSE. These were the first Tea houses in Europe where all the exotic teas of the world met in one place, and created underground Zen oases of travellers and philosophers.
We would sit on carpets with masses of oriental cushions in a pitch black room where only a few candles ignited the silhouettes of teapots, and the smoke rose from massive incense, standing proud in the corner of the room. You could feel your shade dancing on the deep red wall behind you while sipping on amazing tea.
This enveloped us and we had no way to escape. So many choices of teas from different lands, each served in differently shaped old and slightly knocked terracotta, Yixing, Kyushu, stone or ceramic teapots, you never knew what would come to you.
We were hooked forever! After 20 years of daily experience; after brewing teas in Flower Tea House for many years; after being a tea adviser for brand new tea customers and tea fanatics in different lands; after consulting for starting tea plantation in Scotland; after selecting teas for sale in online shops or local cafes; after travelling through lands of tea; after studying at the Tea Management Institute in India and learning how to grow, cultivate and process tea; after spending time in Hong Kong attending a tea course (which is highly connected with philosophy, beliefs and rituals); and after learning unique information from my Chinese friends or Indian friends (whom we lovingly thank), we would like to share our excellent teas with you, and the World.
Our page, or packaging, may not be super posh, or amazing, as it is all hand made, but the quality and choices of our teas (which we have all tasted and approved) is guaranteed as an excellent or even ceremonial – grand cru :)
We will search for the best of the best teas and try to bring unique tea ware to you. Let us be your eyes and guide, in this huge World of Tea – the mystical and unknown.
We shall be with you every step of the way.