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Sencha & St. John's wort

We have some utterly amazing Japanese green teas (in sale right now). Just like this super fresh Sencha in the picture, they are an incredible stomach soothers, nerve calmers considering all the stress watching Olympics and body temperature coolers, considering the tropical weather in Scotland and elsewhere! A perfect choice to drink just now.

The St. John's wort flowers, freshly picked from our garden will be macerated in olive oil and applied to our skin when sunburn :P We are ready for the heat, are you?


Sage & Kekko

These little beautiful purple flowers we harvested from our sage plants growing in the garden (bumble bees loooooves them so we left plenty for them :) We shall now soak them in olive oil for over 14 days and then add some beeswax to create a balm. Maybe few drops of essential oil will be added to it at the end. While harvesting the flowers we drunk our "Kekko" summer tea and listened to the quiet whistle of west wind. It's so peaceful when you surround yourself with good things.

Drink Tea... Be Free...


Glas Maol 1068m - Glenshee

Ohhhh, we love this hill,

but you must have a skill

running like a goat on trade mill,

full of power and strong will

ain't no victory without the thrill

you better do it and then chill

no need for bad news, comp or pay the bill

you simply there, free & happy daffodil.


Our "Kekko" Summer Tea

Let me introduce you to "Kekko" our summer tea. We have had quite a rough & long winter and our tea plants got very cold & frosted. We weren't able to harvest and process the spring leaves for our delicious "Mezurashi" tea.

So here is our summer white tea called "Kekko" (means sweet, delicious in Japanese language). And so it is... taste notes@ hay, dried apple & mango, lemon balm and little bit of roasted chestnuts. This tea is 100% organic and hand made from our micro tea garden behind the house! The processing method is very casual... just like we are. Harvest the leaves, wither overnight and bake in oven. Drink with happiness in your heart. Easy peasy :P


The Mountain behind hut

Another wonderful run up to mighty Ben Vrackie, this time we took a different path to reach the top. Path unknown, full of heather, looovely bog, sheep and occasional wild beast of Scotland the almighty DEER! :o)


Tea tastings

Tea... tea...te...t....eeeeee...aaaaa !!

So much to smell, so much to taste, so much to record in our heavy books of Tea knowledge. Samples are pouring in like the falling raindrops in Scotland. The new fresh season is coming soon! Be tuned! Don't miss on our exquisite teas...


Kung Fu Shadow TEA!

Today is one of the darkest day ever, so we have decided to brew a proper master Kung Fu shadow tea. Honey Orchid Dan Cong N.401. Chop kick slice punch :P


Pure bud golden needle yunnan superior N.112

We have just ordered the freshest 2021 season of new Yunnan tea! So EXCITED! Coming soon....

You are not too old for some new funky tea-ware!

Our teapot "Moss on the Rock" N.925

& Teacup "Acido Philus" N.907 (on the right) are still available in our store.

Sorry ... "Ugly Troll" cup has been sold (on the left).

Shadow game

The game of Shadows is one of our trademark as we like our teas to be "mysterious".


Our cats are a little sceptical to teas, so far they only like ripe Pu Er and Keemun. Keemun reminds them of the roses in our garden which they are so fond of and Pu Er... ehm... I better not try to guess :P

Ben Vrackie mountain 841m

This is where we live and where we source and pack your teas from. What a location right?

"Beluga Whale"

N.926 last one left!

"MEZURASHI" Our home-made tea

Let me introduce you to our micro-tea plantation back in our garden. It contains only 4 bushes of mixed camellias and it's about 5 years old now. We have been making our own teas since 2019 and we are thrilled to say they are fantastic and organic! We named our teas Mezurashi which means "rare" in Japanese.

Keemun N.102

Is one of our favourite Imperial Black teas! Try it now as it's low in stock.

Casual Tea brewing in the garden

Sun, cloud or rain, we do like to enjoy our teas in nature and we highly recommend you to try tea outdoor :)

Long Jing alas "dragon Well"n.200

This is a fantastic grade of our most beloved green tea ... Imperial & Pre-rain pick Dragon Well... in sale now as new season is approaching!

Carn Liath 976m

Run your hills, mountains... whatever you call it, cause they are the best! Look at this bump :P

Different kinds of tea...

Hairy tea, smelly tea, floral tea, woody tea, spicy tea ...

We have them all and they are all natural, pure & super-super healthy. Try one...


Some seriously enjoyable work of art comes into action when you order your teas! It all needs to be tip-top and cutely packed to match the quality of teas. My man has some serious "Japanese perfectionist" problem, but I totally love him for it :P


We have some tea-pets / companions for your solo tea experience if you need. Check out our tea-ware.

Pu Er or moonlight?

We have a moon in our Pu Er tea!

You can find our Pu Er teas under the N.600 and our white teas are under the N.500 @shefangtea

They are all super delicious!


We love to cycle... everywhere!

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