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  • Loose Leaf Herbal Tea "Honeybush Superior Grade"
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Cultivar: Cyclopia intermedia (relative to Rooibos)

Altitude: 500m

Harvest: Summer

Grade: Superior grade - Free from pesticides and fertilisers

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  • South Africa, Western Cape, Cederberg mountains

    Honeybush or Cyclopia spp., is a shrub that grows in the Eastern & Western Cape regions of South Africa. It's closely related to rooibos, as both plants belong to the Fabaceae family. This woody plant can grow up to 3 meters high. It has pale yellow flowers with honey-like scent and taste. This tea is caffeine-free, nutritious and contains very small amounts of a variety of minerals, including calcium, iron and zinc as well as beneficial plant compounds and antioxidants. It is traditionally used to treat coughs and symptoms of menopause as well as aid digestion. It may also help in Diabetes type 2, heart disease and skin health.

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  • Ambience

    DRY LEAF: Granite gem-like chopped plant into tiny beads, with powerful fragrance of blackcurrant, orange, lime & golden syrup.
    INFUSED LEAF: Mushy deep red bits and stalks. Aroma is very fruity - orange, lime, grape and sweet.
    LIQUOR: Vivid bright mahogany colour cup. Aroma of stewed berries. Mouthfeel is thick & sweet blackcurrant marmalade with squeeze of lime juice & vanilla. The aftertaste is sweet & syrupy with a sensation of berries dipped in honey on the summer night.

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