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Cultivar: Zhu-ye-zhong

Altitude: 1500m

Harvest: Spring

Grade: Exceptional, marvellous

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  • Inside Story

    Keemun was first made in year 1875 at Keemun County (Qimen), Anhui Province. Keemun is a historical multiple winner black tea. It was the most expensive tea around 1940 but for it's record price it was enjoyed only by a royalty. The manufacture of Keemun took the inspiration and production skills of Fujian province. Keemun county lies between majestic Yellow Mountains on the south and Yangzi River on the north. This area has some of China's most amazing scenery from which poets and painters drew inspirations.
    Keemun Black Tea has been awarded multiple times at international and domestic tea contest. The main awards are:
    1913: Keemun Black Tea was awarded the Gold Prize at the Expo held at Italy
    1915: It won the Gold Prize during the Expo held at Panama
    1987: During the 26th World Premium Food Product Contest held at Belgium, Keemun has won the gold prize.
    1988: Keemun was awarded the gold prize during the 1st Food Expo in China.

  • China, Anhui province, Huangshan district

  • Ambience

    DRY LEAF: Curly little leaves of aubergine colour with sharp pointy edges and plentiful golden buds, releasing divine aroma of roses a hints of fruitiness and a little spice.
    INFUSED LEAF: Small & sleek, twisted leather brown leaves pushing the scent of wet wood, chocolate & cinnamon up to the sky.
    LIQUOR: The cup is bright & crystal clear with colours of fire. The aroma of roses mingles with warm blueberries and milk chocolate. Cup is rich, sweet, smooth and full. Strong cinnamon after-taste with absolutely no acidity and a little "pick me up" astringency.

A Little Poetry