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Cultivar: Yakubita

Altitude: 600m

Harvest: Spring

Grade: Of highest quality, fantastic, organically grown

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  • Japan, Kagoshima prefecture

    Sencha is Japan's most famous tea and represents nearly 80% of national tea production. It is a spring tea with special processing procedure that involves a three-fold steam cooking process. Steaming reduces the raw, green vegetal taste of the finished tea and softens (or sweetens) the taste. The best Senchas are rich in amino acids and vitamin C.

  • 4 g.

  • 250 ml

  • 68 C

  • 1.5 min.

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  • Ambience

    Leaf: Tiny, needle like, deep-dark and bright jade green leaves with sweet vegetal aroma and aquatic/umami top notes.
    Infused leaf: Spinach-like leaves. Darker hues of green, tender with reminiscent aroma of sweet nuts, umami/sea and broccoli notes.
    Liquor: Bright pistachio, misty cup with scents of celery, watercress and chestnuts. Silky and soft liquor with strong umami and vegetal notes. Tannins are rich and full in mouth with lively attack of seaweed and ocean breeze and enduring lemony finish.

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"Litlle Poetry" by JD

"The ocean is still
Almost as still as your heart, in this sunny, dry morning of early spring
Your colourful clothes resonate with the surrounding nature
Your sandals expose your toes to the tiny breeze which makes you smile
You can't resist it one is around
You strip and jump into the pure cold Azure sea
It's freezing, but somehow enlightening, you feel alive
You dive, deeper and deeper, swimming through neon bright seaweeds which reminds you slow motion dancers on a stage
You can see the sun flashing its rays at you
You have reached the bottom of the ocean, realising you have no breath left in you....
You turn, and twist, until you can't move any more.
Right there, the ocean accepts you, your legs turn into a tail, your neck grows gills and you realise you can smell and feel the emotions of an have turned into a mermaid
The aromas of the ocean all come at once.
You take a deep breath which tells you all about it.
Velvet, grass, seaweed, spinach...smooth and sweet, a bit malty with hints of asparagus and fennel
It entangles you... you are free... you are a part of the ocean now"