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Cultivar: Yue Guang Bai

Altitude: 1500m

Harvest: Spring/Autumn

Grade: Outstanding, Supreme

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  • Inside Story

    Yue Guang Bai is unusual white tea which is made from a wild bush varietal Camellia taliensis – a wild relative of Camellia sinensis - native to Yunnan province. Interestingly, the leaf is white on one side and deep purple from the other side. Because of this unique tea varietal, Yue Guang Bai is a true regional Yunnan specialty. If you age a portion of Yue Guang Bai it will darken over time and become more like a black tea. This spring pick is then mixed with Snow Chrysanthemum flowers and compressed into small balls with a little piece of cotton. Dragon balls are great because they are perfect single brewing servings, and because the leaves fare much better during transport and storage compared to loose leaf form.

  • China, Yunnan, Jinggu

  • Ambience

    DRY LEAF: Beautifully rolled small greenish-brown balls with silver tips and imprinted crimson flowers. Floral fragrance is mingling with a fragrance of fresh zest, dried fruits and sultanas.
    INFUSED LEAF: After first infusion, the tea is still in a perfect ball shape. It takes up to 5 infusions to get these tea leaves to freely float! Amazing :) The aroma is minty, peppery and floral with a sweetness of forest honey.
    LIQUOR: Cup is light and bright, the colour of pineapple with an aroma of dried herbs. Deliciously smooth and honey sweet mouth-feel. Bouquet of wild flowers and herbs and a tiny bit of spice (cardamom and mint) finish is long lasting. The cup has a little astringency, no acidity and is heavenly perfumed. Pleasantly refreshing yet very relaxing tea due to the calming properties of Chrysanthemum flowers!


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