Moonlight & Snow Chrysanthemum Buds Dragon Ball (3 Balls)

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- Scented White Tea -

Moonlight & Snow Chrysanthemum Buds 3 Dragon Balls (Hand-rolled)

- Location -

China, Yunnan, Jinggu

 - Taste Notes -

Floral, forest honey, raisins, cardamom

 - Shades of Aromas -

 - Brewing Method -  


 - Suitable Teapot - 

Ceramic or Glass teapot  

Alas “The Ball of Happiness”

She is like a ghost with a hairy silver eyeballs
in them red pupils shine like jasper gemstones 
she stares blindly into the dark gloom
for she has no purpose in her cold tomb
Her hair floats on the strings of the other worlds
and with them fear grows wild with untuned chords
She is like a dragon – righteous, powerful snob who can fly
yet she is cold and insane without a heart at the same time
She can spread her hands wide and make everything bloom
Oh, the smell of chrysanthemum, hay, dried fruit and perfume
or she can raise her bushy brows to ultimate doom...
He appears of light strings with his yellow bright hair
offers her his heart, full of light, joy and sweetness to share
She fights a bit first, angrily with all her mighty powers
but then she submits to love and accept his bouquet of unique flowers
The fresh wild mint, cardamom, sweet raisins and black pepper
mingles in her nose with roses, tulips and forest honey forever
Her dry hand touches his eyes lightly for now she can see
with him she is alive, happy and free...

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