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Cultivar: Camellia Sinensis from Nepal

Altitude: 118m

Harvest: Spring 2023 - organically grown in our garden

Grade: Unique, Extremely Rare, Grand Cru, One Of The Kind

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  • "Namiko" 10g

    "Namiko's glorious Tea treasure" is a unique rare white/silver tea made from our four tea bushes in our garden and processed and hand-rolled by us. Organically grown with love from She Fang Tea.

  • "Foggy Peak" 1x

    "Foggy Peak" frosted glass cup is made of good quality glass. The cup is sleek & light on touch. The volume is 40ml and half of the glass is clear and half has a rising fog like effect (fog frosted glass). True beauty.

  • "Scratchy" 1x

    "Scratchy" the saucer, perfect for under cup or to measure your tea on or to put peanuts if you want to :P

  • Inside Story

    "Namiko's glorious Tea treasure" is a very rare tea for us :)
    Not only we have made this tea out of our four Tea plants which are growing in our micro back garden, but we've also processed it in our lovely loving home step by step from fresh leaves to fine cup of silver goodness. We know that only a hand made comfrey juice, some nettles and pine needles were used to mulch and support the growth of our tea plants and no nasty chemicals were ever used. Plus the loving care, pruning, watering, winter protection and gentle touch of me and my partner makes the tea plants very happy, so here we go... a happy tea. This tea was hand-rolled by us for two hours and only 15g was produced from the first pluck and only bud and up to two leaves were used. This makes it super unique.

  • Scotland, Pitlochry, United Kingdom

  • Ambience

    DRY LEAF: Beautifully hand-rolled dark green/brown pearls are covered with tiny silver hairs. The fragrance of wild flowers mingles with sweet hay, dried prunes & sage.
    INFUSED LEAF: Beautiful silvery-jade buds & leaves releasing an aroma of peach, hay and vanilla.
    LIQUOR: Light, soft and clear moonstone gem like liquid. Deliciously smooth and extremely sweet with a soft aroma of citrus fruit. The Cup is delicate and harmonious with a notes of wild flowers, sweet vanilla, cantaloupe melon & ripe pears. The aftertaste is short and sweet like tamarind. The tea has little astringency and is very fresh, creamy and sweet.