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Cultivar: Qing Xin Da Fang

Altitude: 500m

Harvest: Summer

Grade: Grand Cru, Elite, Unique

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  • Taiwan, Hsinchu County, Beipu town

    Oriental Beauty is one of Taiwan's tea treasures. Each summer, the tea farmers of Hsinchu county had their tea crops eaten by swarms of small criquets. One farmer harvested these bitten leaves nonetheless and sold them for high price to John Dodd. Legend has it that this tea was so good it made its way to the queen Elizabeth II. who named it “Oriental Beauty”. Bai Hao is highly oxidised wulong (60 - 70%), harvested from young leaves, just after they have been bitten by the tea jassid. The bite starts the oxidation of the leaves and add a sweet muscatel to the characteristic. Production has to be totally free of pesticides to attract the small crickets.

  • 2.5 g.

  • 250 ml

  • 92 C

  • 1.5 min.

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  • Ambience

    Dry leaf: Golden, coppery, silver, green and brownish curly leaves, beautifully dried on touch, releasing aroma of sweet caramel, dried apricots and exotic wood.
    Infused leaf: Wild and big unfolded coppery brown leaves. Hints of wet forest and spicy exotic wood.
    Liquor: Bright, clear golden cup with mesmerising floral aroma of lilies, hints of honey, apricots, pineapple and cinnamon. Liquor smooth and velvety with wild floral, fruity, woody and spicy taste (cinnamon & saffron). After-taste incredibly sweet and roundy with muscatel aroma and no astringency at all. Suitable for many brews.

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"Litlle Poetry" by JD

"A sudden strike of the rainbow fills your eyes.
Such a gold, silver, copper, brown and green blast
Coming over the sky and twisting like smoke rising from a ground
The explosion of sweet tropical fruits, muscatel, bananas, and buttery cream, lingers in your mouth
You are entangled and fulfilled, waiting for the wind of south
The hot breeze brings strong peppery, earthy flavours
with kicks of rare eucalyptus aroma, as sneaky as a scout"