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Cultivar: Hong Yu ‘Red Jade’ TRES #18 cultivar

Altitude: 600m

Harvest: Spring

Grade: Superior, Rare

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  • Taiwan, Nantou County, Mingjian Township

    GABA stands for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid.
    Through a serious of research in 1980’s, Japanese professor Masashi Omori confirmed it has a very powerful antihypertensive effect thanks to its extremely high content of Gamma-Aminobutyric acid, compare to other teas. This substance has been linked to stress relief, helps with depression and anxiety, helps manage insomnia and hypertension and reduces high blood pressure.
    The secret lies in production. Gaba tea is made by shading the tea bushes for two weeks before harvest (similar to making Matcha & Gyokuro in Japan). Afterwards, the tea leaves are put into stainless steel vacuum drums where oxygen is removed and replaced with nitrogen. The tea remains there for 8-10 hours. This process increases the concentration of gamma-aminobutyric acid in tea.
    Production is strict as GABA must contain 150mg of GABA per 100 grams of tea leaves. The safety measure here is 10-20mg of Gaba per day to improve health but if dealing with any of the issues mentioned above, you may need between 100-200mg per day, just remember this may vary from person to person.
    Scientists are still contemplating if GABA can cross the blood to brain barrier or if it can influence the G-Aminobutyric acid which is naturally found in our bodies, but whichever this tea can surely help promote overall health.

  • 3 g.

  • 250 ml

  • 85 C

  • 2 min.

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    Leaf: Large, irregularly twisted leaves are reddish brown in colour. Their fragrance is spicy, fruity and sweet with roasted notes.
    Infused leaf: Reddish-brown open leaves with persistent sweet and sour aroma of stewed apricots, roasted wood and a hit of licorice spice.
    Liquor: Cup is bright and clear with fruity, sweet & spicy aroma. The mouth-feel is generous, rounded and silky with perfect balance. Notes of apricot marmalade & dried sultanas are accompany with dry warm wood, exotic tobacco and sweet brown sugar. The cup has almost no astringency and no acidity leaving behind only fruity sweetness..

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